About Us

SJSA is comprised of a group of individuals who seek to enjoy all of the activities that our God-given earth provides. Our mission statement, “The purpose of the organization is to engage in and promote ethical hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities through club functions” explains what is most important to us. We also seek to engage not only in the activity, but in the comradery that exists while enjoying outdoor activities. SJSA is a group that encourages people of all ages, interests, and backgrounds to engage in “everything oudoors”. We want to ensure that these activities extent to our families, wives, daughters, and sons for generations to come. While we now live in an advanced electronic age, many of the outdoor activities that past generations passed down are being lost. Our goal is to rekindle that interest to our future generations.

For example, the SJSA is not simply about hunting, we engage in local white perch and striper fishing, Maryland trotline crabbing, including a crab-fest picnic to enjoy our catch; striper fishing in Montauk, New York and Rhode Island; deer hunting; rabbit hunting; target range shooting; countless trips to eat Maryland-style blue claw crabs and trips to various sports shops, including attending the Great Outdoor Sports Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We also enjoy a SJSA Christmas Party and many meals together. The good news is that no one was injured in any of those productions, with the exception of some fish, deer, rabbits, and many blue claw crabs.
If you are interested in joining a group of like-minded individuals and spending time with us in the great outdoors, please complete the application for membership today.